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with a donation

Why donate?

Citizens Advice Fareham is an independent local charity. We rely on the support of a range of funders including local government, charitable trusts, companies and individuals to provide our services for local communities. With their support we are able to help our clients to resolve many of their problems, be it housing, employment, relationships, debt or benefits.

All local Citizens Advice face challenges because our funding is unable to keep pace with the demands for our services. Like all charities, we are truly grateful for the support and generosity of members of the public.

We rely on grants and donations to maintain our core activity and implement new projects - to deliver the kind of modern service needed today.

Our service is free and it is important our clients never feel they are under any obligation to make a donation.

We depend on our funding to train more volunteers (80% of our staff are volunteers), maintain access to information systems that ensure our advice is always accurate and up to date and to keep pace with the changing needs of our local community.

We put every penny of donations we receive to good use helping people in your local community:

  • £7 funds one volunteer per day, who will in turn help at least 4 people with their problems
  • £15 funds an hour of generalist advice
  • £30 supports an outreach worker to visit an elderly client at home.
  • £180 helps us to support a family in debt to avoid having their home repossessed.
  • £1,500 funds the training of a new Citizens Advice volunteer adviser.
  • £1,000 could buy an interactive advice kiosk to enable people to get advice in outreach locations like community centres, doctors surgeries or libraries

How to donate

If you would to make a donation to support our work you can do so in the following ways:

By Cheque

You can make a donation by cheque, made payable to Citizens Advice Fareham , and send it to:

The Operations Manager, Citizens Advice Fareham, 1st Floor, County Library Building, Osborn Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7EN

Please remember to include your name & address so we can acknowledge your gift.

Making Regular Donations

Because we are a small charity, we do not have the facilities to operate direct debits. However, if you would like to donate regularly we can send you a standing order form. Please email us to request a form

By Leaving Us a legacy

Our advice services are more in demand today than ever before, and as we move into the future that demand looks set to grow even further. Any gift, however small, will help to ensure that we are still here for your family and friends, and their children and grandchildren.

Every adult should have a Will, regardless of their age, income or wealth - it is the only way of ensuring your wishes are met after your death. Not making a Will can cause real administrative and legal complications for your loved ones at a very difficult time.

In making a Will, naturally your first priority has to be taking care of your family and loved ones.

If you don't have a Will, having one written is a lot easier than you think.

Use the services of a solicitor.

Most people are surprised by how much their assets add up to. You don't need to be wealthy to make a Will - or leave a legacy. After taking care of your loved ones, you can then choose to leave a Residuary legacy (a portion of what is left after all your other commitments have been met) - or a Pecuniary legacy (a gift of a specific amount) to the Citizens Advice service.

Inheritance Tax

Leaving a gift to a charity such as Citizens Advice can lower the Inheritance Tax payable on your estate. Your solicitor can answer any questions you have about Inheritance Tax.

What if I already have a will?

If you already have a Will, changing it to include a gift to Citizens Advice Fareham is very straightforward. Your solicitor can add a gift to Citizens Advice Fareham into your existing Will through a simple written instruction called a codicil.

Let Us Know

It is not essential that you tell us in advance that you have left a legacy to Citizens Advice Fareham, but it is helpful for us to know if you decide to help support your community by leaving us a gift in your will.