Getting Advice

Free, independent, confidential and impartial

How does Citizens Advice Fareham work?

Everyone visiting us for the first time, or coming to see us about a new subject if they have been before, just drops in, without an appointment. Our initial checkers are all experienced volunteers who will find out what you have come for help with. They will deal with any emergencies, direct you to information on our national website, signpost you to another appropriate organisation, book you an appointment or return you to he waiting room for the next available adviser to see you for a full advice session. This system means we are able to keep waiting times much shorter, those that need to see someone for a full advice exploration do so as soon as an adviser becomes free, and those with less complex (but not necessarily less serious) issues are dealt with quickly and not kept longer than is needed.

Our advisers are trained to deal with all subjects and will help you as much as possible. There are internal specialists and external agencies that offer further help and support when needed. You may be referred to an outside specialist if necessary. We want to give you advice and support to help you deal with your difficulties. This may involve negotiating and writing letters on your behalf.

What is the Citizens Advice Approach to Advice?

Our Advisers will research your options and look at the possible outcomes of different courses of action based on your specific situation. They won't tell you what to do but support you to make your own decisions.

Our Advisers always access the most up to date information so that they give you the best and most accurate advice. They will help you to make informed choices and decisions by giving you all the facts you need.

What Can I Get Advice About?

When should I get advice?

Most problems are best dealt with head on, as soon as possible. Try not to put off dealing with things.

Often problems can become more complicated when we try to ignore them, and they can start to impact on our mental well-being, our physical health and our relationships.

Sometimes our mental health can also be a barrier to us getting help we need with problems - and dealing with ongoing, complicated issues can have an affect on our mental wellbeing. We have put together a selection websites and apps that can help monitor mental wellbeing, and help manage stress, anxiety and low moods, as well as where to get information and guidance on looking after your physical health, which can also be affected by prolonged stress. Why not see if there is something that might help?