Debt & Money

If you have received court papers, are expecting bailiffs or are about to be evicted,

please come and see us immediately or call 03444 111 306

Getting help

You can drop in to see us to get support with debt or money worries, and any one of our advisers will be able to help you. However, if you have multiple debts or high value debts, they may recommend making an appointment to see our specialist Debt Worker. You will need to see one of our generalist advisers first, and they will establish whether your debts can be dealt with through our generalist advice or if you need to see the Debt Worker.

We also have a DRO specialist, for people who meet the criteria for applying for a DRO. This is also something that a generalist adviser would identify as an option, and they will be able to make an appointment with the DRO specialist if needed.

Help is also available from Step Change Debt Charity

What to bring if you are coming to see us about money or debt worries:

  • details of your income - wage slips, benefit letters, tax credits
  • bank statement - latest copy
  • details of all those that you owe money to and how much - bring the latest statements and demands for payment
  • copy of original loan agreements
  • copy of any court papers
  • details of your household expenditure - how much you spend on food, transport, phone and energy bills, etc.
  • copy of the latest correspondence you have received - e.g. letters from bailiffs.

Get the facts

Factual information on a range of debt related subjects from “Bailiffs” to “What happens if you are taken to Court for money you owe” on the Citizens Advice website debt pages

Explore Debt Solution Options

There are several options to help deal with debt problems. These include bankruptcy, debt relief orders, debt management plans, administration orders, debt consolidation and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). Visit the Debt Solutions pages on the Citizens Advice website to see what may help you.

Helping Yourself

There are some steps you can take to help yourself deal with debt. There is information on the Citizens Advice website to guide you through each process

Maximise your income with benefit take up if you are entitled

Explore your circumstances to see if you are entitled to any State benefits that you are not claiming. See our Benefits page for further information

Devise a realistic budget

Look at your total weekly or monthly income from all sources. Use the Citizens Advice Budgeting Tool and calculate your spending needs for each week or month to cover your essential living expenses. Decide if there's anything left to make an offer to your creditors. If you prefer to use a paper form please use this budgeting sheet

Prioritise your creditors

Divide your creditors into priority and non priority according to the action that they may take if you do not pay them. See national Citizens Advice website

Make realistic and sustainable offers of payments to your creditors

Offers of payments based on what you can afford rather than what the creditor is demanding.