Research and Campaigns

How you can campaign for change

Take part in any surveys we are running.

Bookmark this page to keep up to date on our campaign work and visit Citizens Advice to complete any online surveys that apply to you and to get information about our current and recent campaigns.

If you are visiting our office in Fareham Library, our Receptionist will tell you if we need your help with a survey and you may be asked to complete one while you are waiting.

Tell your adviser if you believe you have been treated unfairly or have been discriminated against in any way. Sometimes there will be nothing we can do even though the treatment seems to be wrong. But we can tell people who may be able to change things and it may lead to changes in the future.

Tell your adviser if you would like to take part in any action to get things changed – this might include writing to your MP, local councillor or other organisation.

Tell your adviser if you would be willing to take part in any publicity about your problem – both local and national. Newspapers, radio and television programmes and news items always like to use real people and problems in their stories.

Current Surveys

National Surveys

These are surveys that National Citizens Advice are running to gather information for research and campaigning work:

Current Campaigns

National Campaigns

Scams Awareness Month 2018

Scams Awareness Month is a yearly campaign which aims to create a network of confident, alert consumers who ‘don’t miss a trick’ when it comes to scams.

Whether you’re an individual consumer looking to protect yourself and your family from scams, or an organisation or group representing consumers, your efforts during Scams Awareness Month 2018 are important.