About Us

We are an independent charity, established in 1942.

Our aims

To provide the advice people need for the problems they face . Getting Advice

To improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. We exercise a responsible influence on the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally. We campaign locally and nationally to get government and large organisations to change their practices where our clients are being treated unfairly. About our Research & Campaigns Work

Our values

To focus on clients, achieve results, continuously improve, promote equality and fairness, value each other and work together.

Our Principles


No-one has to pay for any service we provide


We don't pass on anything a client tells us - not even the fact that they've visited us - without the client's permission


We act in the interests of our clients, without any influence from outside agencies


We don't judge or make assumptions about our clients. We are here for everyone and everyone is treated equally. We are committed to equal opportunities and aims to provide a service that meets the needs of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability.


We offer advice and information on a range of subjects explained in a way you can understand and to help you decide what you want to do next.

We can give practical help with filling in forms or negotiating on your behalf.

Our Management

We are managed by a voluntary Trustee Board, whose members come from varied backgrounds and meet regularly to ensure the smooth running of the Citizens Advice Fareham Office. The Trustee Board will meet at least once quarterly to discuss ongoing and upcoming projects to make Citizens Advice Fareham the best it can be for the clients of the community. The Trustee Board do not have any access to confidential case records and delegate the day to day running of the service to our Operations Manager.

The role of trustees is to:

  • Set the overall direction and support the development of the advice centre
  • Ensure the advice centre meets the needs of the local community and the Citizens Advice membership standards
  • Employ Citizens Advice staff and control advice centre finances
  • Earn and retain the respect of important and influential people and organisations in the community, including funding bodies
  • Ensure the advice centre complies with relevant laws.

Our Funding

Our main source of funding is Fareham Borough Council, who fully fund our Money & Budgeting Advice service. This is a referral only service for Fareham Borough council tax payers who have got into arrears with their council tax; people who are at risk of losing their homes (or who have been placed in temporary accommodation ), and Universal Credit claimants who require help with budgeting.

Fareham Borough also fund our core service, open to all who live or work in Fareham Borough. However, we are seeking additional sources of funding, to ensure our finances remain robust. We have been successful in securing funds from Zurich Community Fund, Hampshire County Councillors and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund, in addition to the kind support of individual donors.